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Many people set out to start their
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The reason?

They don’t follow a proven plan to success. I’ve helped countless people start successful businesses that have
enabled them to quit their jobs, stop worrying about finances,
and live life on their own terms.



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  • The exact steps you must take if you want to build a successful business and avoid the common struggles most entrepreneurs face
  • Why most people “spin their wheels” and how to ensure your business gets started on the right foot
  • Interactive exercises that walk you through the 5 steps to starting a profitable business
  • The simple 10-minute activity that almost no one does that will reduce your costs and increase your sales once you get up-and-running


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Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016

I have worked with Garth since 2013 and he has transformed the way I conduct my business and finances. After starting my own company, I needed a mentor to guide me. Garth’s program did an amazing job teaching me the ins and outs of running a successful enterprise.

Beth Jones, Entrepreneur

Garth’s program helped me prioritize and set reasonable goals, so I could accomplish what I sought after regarding my business and finances. He also helped me find time in the morning to focus on me, and that hour a day has made me more productive and fulfilled in all aspects of my life…

Doug Prather, Business Owner at ITB Hospitality

I couldn’t thank Garth enough for taking the time to write down the words and explain the wealthy state of mind to me and every other person who has read the book and benefited from it. It has inspired me to make life changes that will ultimately help me to be more successful, hopefully wealthier, and finally give me the ability to teach what I have learned to my children and anyone else who will listen.  Because of my new wealthy state of mind when I’m asked how I’m doing today I can truly say” Everything is Irie”.