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Garth Vickers Entrepreneur Academy

Inside the Academy, you’ll get step-by-step training that will take you by the hand and show you how to start your business, scale your business, and grow your wealth.

You’ll get access to the Entrepreneurial Success and Financial Freedom series, ongoing training, resources, and tools that will ensure you achieve your goals of building a successful and profitable business. Each week, you’ll get access to a new training module. The weekly modules build upon the prior weeks, and include action items to keep you accountable, plugged in and focused on building a successful business by the end of module 16.

You’ll learn what successful business owners know, but won’t tell you…

Why is this product in-demand?

  • You’ll learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and how important having the right idea is.
  • You’ll be able to evaluate your personal attributes and decide which type of business you will be most suited for and most successful in.
  • You’ll learn the secrets that successful entrepreneurs have known for decades and that only those that study their work from cover to cover have been able to learn.
  • You’ll learn The Mirror Mind-Framing Technique™ I’ve Personally Created & Used To Build Multi-Million Dollar Businesses
  • You’ll learn from an expert how to use the equity in your business and other assets for growth
  • You’ll learn Business Finance and Accounting
  • In short, you’ll be ready to take your good idea and run with it, so that within a few short months or years you’ll be able to quit your job, have financial independence and live the life that you want

This e-learning course is written in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step fashion for anyone to follow with screenshots and graphic images.

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The Wealthy State Of Mind

Get Your Copy of One of The Top Selling Wealth Books in the Country

Jamaican born from a humble beginning, Garth Vickers mission to discover the truth beyond the walls of his classroom as a child, has made him the information seeking and passionate man he is today. He has been called “The Financial Moses” because of his determination to uplift people and help them create a financial legacy. Incorporating spirituality into his financial wisdom has become the cornerstone of his motivational speaking engagements; making great efforts to show his clients the love and unity that a solid financial foundation can bring. He made a vow to reach every ear he could to increase the financial intelligence of the world to prepare themselves for important life events. Vickers’ has identified the fact that there is a lack of information being provided to individuals and he hopes that his efforts will finally give these communities the information they so desperately need to develop a wealthy state of mind. Garth’s book titled “The Wealthy State of Mind,” provides his readers with the information to become financially literate and spiritually stable. His voice has been globally recognized by Fortune 500 companies, collegiate programs, and other agencies around the world. People around the globe rely on Garth for his advanced knowledge in Spirituality, Wealth Building and Financial Education. He delivers keynote speeches, symposiums, financial seminars, and executive coaching. Garth is referred to often as the 'Financial Moses' by clients because of his determination to lead the masses out of poverty and into the Promised Land of wealth and abundance.

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