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Garth Vickers | How to start a business while I still have a job

How to Start a Business While I Still Have a Job

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Many people get engaged with a job that cannot fulfill their needs. If you want to have extra income but thinking that you don’t have the time or the systems to make more money, here is your solution.

For many people quitting the existing job to launch a new business is not affordable and it is also always not a good idea. Here are some tips so that you can handle your business as well as your job.

How to start a business while I still have a job

Make a perfect schedule:

Initially, it is necessary to make a clear and effective schedule for matching your time with your job and business. If you have a strict plan, you will always be clear about what you are going to do. It will help you be focused. Keep the most important things especially which will take the longest time at the top of your plan.

Once you create a timeline for you, stick to it. You should not make excuses not to work properly. If you waste time, you can reach your goal as you are already in a job. It may be tiresome, but the result will make it worthwhile.

Find your strengths and weaknesses:

Make a list of what your new business requires. You may fulfill some requirements, but if you do not, you are facing a lot of trouble. You should spend time to learn the things necessary to your business. Try to utilize your strengths fully and overcome weaknesses as soon as possible.

Utilize your holidays:

If you want to launch your new business, you have to use your spare time. Weekends, annual leaves can be the great opportunity to work on. Working on holidays is not actually a good idea, but to get something that you’ve never had, you may have to do something that you’ve never done.  Go the EXTRA MILE! This was a lesson learned for me, and surprisingly, I’ve discovered that there is not much traffic on the extra mile!

Make best use of the resources:

You can research your business sector. You can draw information from the internet. Read blogs and books that speak about your business type. Please look for specific information. YouTube is a good resource to get a lot of your questions answered.  You can talk with the people expert in your field. Actually people become happy to give advice if you asked the right way. The right way is to ask…”Ask and it shall be given.”

The most important thing after planning is to maximize resources. Human resources are great resources to have. Don’t be afraid to utilize what you already have.  Look closely in your surrounding to find your answers. Way too often I’ve found people looking too far for answers that are so close to them. All these and other external resources are useful but the best and greatest resources you have is your internal resource. Don’t be afraid to follow your feelings and use your emotions. Remember this, be human first and everything else after you master being (not becoming).

It is going to be very important if you know how to control your state. As Humans, we make decisions based on our emotional states. I have another blog and video on mind and state control which i will send to you at the end of your subscription to this blog.  Finally, If you have some savings, you need to use what you have to make more money.  Making and saving more money  is your highest ROI. If you manage to have enough money to launch a business, you should not waste any more time. Like Nike said “just do it”… Procrastination kills dreams!

Select a suitable location:

As you are carrying on two jobs at a time, your every minute is valuable. So, you have to choose a location that fits your requirements and helps you with maximum productivity. When your location does not work for you properly, you should change it. Always be willing and open to accept change.

Get full time support:

Initially you can find a full time helping hand. With the gradual enhancement of your business you may have to employ more people to maintain your business.

Are you trying to do something big but looking for guidance?  I completely understand,when I first started out as an entrepreneur years ago, I didn’t have a lot of support and it cost me a lot of time and money for consultation and research. I’m glad that, over the years, I’ve had the privilege to work with  a lot of startup Entrepreneurs and helped them build the their business and live their dreams.  I’m happy that I can help start-up businesses to not make the same mistakes that I and other startups made. We’ve often been told that experience teaches wisdom and I affirm that at it’s most amplified version. I am an advocate for entrepreneurship… my passion is to help people like you, and that’s my motivation to spend over 2 long years to write this easy to follow step-by step entrepreneurship guide to success. Please visit http://garthvickers.com and subscribe to receive more FREE information on your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Garth Vickers

Garth Vickers

I’m a 7-figure business startup consultant, best-selling author of “The Wealthy State of Mind,” and international motivational speaker, with a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve success in business. Using the methods I’ve developed from helping businesses achieve success over the past 10 years, the Entrepreneur Academy was born. Inside, entrepreneurs are taught the fundamentals of building a successful and profitable business based on real-world tactics that are responsible for generating millions of dollars in business profits.

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