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Garth Vickers | The power of mind and creating your reality - Dr. Garth Vickers

The power of mind and creating your reality

Posted on Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Sometimes what you call your reality are just collections of many memories. Have you ever feel like giving up? Are you at that point in your life where you feel like you are trying your complete best and things are just not moving as fast as you’d like them to. This is one of the feelings that make today’s business statistic a reality, 96% of businesses fail the first 10 years, and 80% fail in the first 5 years of operations. From my experience, the problem that most of today’s entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs is that they tend to spend most of their time and money fixing the mechanics of their businesses and forget the most important thing that all businesses need to be successful – a strong leader. All businesses or organizations strength is based on the strength and determination of its leader. Always remember that there is someone who is looking up at you.


Mechanical strength is important but not as important as physiological strength. Study shows that 80% of success is physiological, only 20% is mechanics.


There is no limit to what you can achieve on this earth.What you need to do is just to set your mind, be focused and reach your dream.There are six physiological factors that are extremely important for you to be successful in your business and personal life journey. After you finish reading this article, I trust that you will start excising each one and in their appropriate sequence. First, you have to be faithful in what you do. Faith and doubt in self, does not share the same space.

The power of mind and creating your reality

Reality lies in faith

You are the architect of your own reality. You create it with your beliefs, attitudes, courage and confidence. If you want something enough, concentrate and stick to that you can surely achieve that. If you want to be in military, you have to be focused on that. Do not waste your time thinking about difficulties. Be confident and try your best, you can surely do that.


Dare and Win

Dreams never come true by sitting idle. It just depends on your courage. If you are courageous enough to be a sailor keep in touch with your dream job, work hard and be what you want to.


Refuse to give up

Did you see the people who never gave up, accepted the difficulties, and fought back with their own courage? You must have seen them to be the most successful. You want to be a renowned and wealthy businessman, you surely can be. The only tip for success is to stick to it.



Have a “can do” attitude:

If you want to gain leadership quality you must develop an attitude that you can do it. If you arethe manager of a company, you must take initiatives, set objectives, and take responsibility for your mistakes. Try to have the quality to motivate and direct others, develop creative practices, evaluate others’ creative thinking, always be ready to learn something new, try to have a positive attitude to failure. When speaking, be spontaneous, fluent and articulate. Keep your speeches easy to understand.


Be positive to failure

Do not be frustrated of failure. Hold your own style and try again and again. Successful people have a painful journey of failure. If you are frustrated once you can never achieve the success.


Contain your ego, be realistic

The more you can hold your ego the more you can be realistic about your problems and when you find out your problems to work on, you must find out a solution. You must be ready to admit that you do not know all the answers. You can ask questions to anyone and that never hurts your ego. If you can show an attitude that you can learn anything from anyone. You can gather a leadership quality and you can gradually be a successful leader.


Please, reach out if you’re struggling with creating the reality that you desire and send me your questions! What’s the biggest challenge facing you with conditioning your mindset for entrepreneurial success? Together, we can formulate a plan that will help you take control over your life and reach your fullest potential!


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Here’s to building the business of your dreams!


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One love,


Garth Vickers

Garth Vickers

I’m a 7-figure business startup consultant, best-selling author of “The Wealthy State of Mind,” and international motivational speaker, with a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve success in business. Using the methods I’ve developed from helping businesses achieve success over the past 10 years, the Entrepreneur Academy was born. Inside, entrepreneurs are taught the fundamentals of building a successful and profitable business based on real-world tactics that are responsible for generating millions of dollars in business profits.

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