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Garth Vickers | Ways of getting rich in Six unique steps - Dr. Garth Vickers

How to Get Rich in Six Unique Steps

Posted on Friday, July 29th, 2016

Money isn’t everything in life,  yet some people are going mad for money! If you really want to get money you don’t have to stress so much! To achieve the dream of earning a lot of money, these people should take a look at these simple and easy, magic words!

  1. Give up the excess fascination of money: If you’re always looking for money, you’d be like a caterpillar just waiting for metamorphosis. You’re not a caterpillar. There won’t be a magical change. You have to actively look for ways to earn money.


  1. Get advice from people who’ve made it: Rich and successful persons are always helpful, especially those who inspired us with the stories of how they got to their goal.  Their lives can serve as motivation to help the people who are just starting out on the way to being rich. So find these people who can help you, read about them online or maybe you already know one personally.


  1. Help a million people in place of just earning millions of money: When you have few number of receivers you can’t think to earn millions of money from them.Think about how to improve the helping service to the people, by this way you will get more receivers and more money as well. This step is a must on the ways to getting rich.


  1. Think not to earn money, think how to increase the income source of money: Don’t think to be discovering ways of getting rich by increasing money! For getting riches in your life increase your income source as much as possible. Keep in mind that the more increase in your income source the more you earn money!


Ways of getting rich in Six unique steps.

  1. Work on a single thing perfectly:Everybody has a unique ability, a thing which is different from the others. Try to discover that one thing you know you’re really good at and work on it. Use your skills to create a source of income, thinking of ways you could apply them on the path to true wealth.


  1. Research the top 10 world famous people on a specific subject: Identify the top individuals who you think is already there and is where you want to be when it comes to earning money. They could be Artists, singers, bankers and entrepreneurs. Find out their background stories to give you an inspiring boost in your own story. Respecting and admiring these people are not enough. You have to follow their successful ways of getting rich. Keep learning from the greats.
Garth Vickers

Garth Vickers

I’m a 7-figure business startup consultant, best-selling author of “The Wealthy State of Mind,” and international motivational speaker, with a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve success in business. Using the methods I’ve developed from helping businesses achieve success over the past 10 years, the Entrepreneur Academy was born. Inside, entrepreneurs are taught the fundamentals of building a successful and profitable business based on real-world tactics that are responsible for generating millions of dollars in business profits.

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